Fungal Pathogen Detection

Fungal Pathogen Detection

Fungal Pathogen Detection services offered in Dallas, TX

Fungal infections may cause the same symptoms as bacterial infections, which can lead to a misdiagnosis and the wrong treatment. At MD Molecular Diagnostics, in Dallas Texas, the highly skilled lab professionals offer advanced fungal pathogen detection testing. The molecular lab uses innovative tools to identify the pathogen making your patient sick, preventing delays in diagnosis and treatment. Call MD Molecular Diagnostics to learn more about fungal pathogen detection.

Fungal Pathogen Detection Q & A

What is fungal pathogen detection?

Fungal pathogen detection is the molecular lab test available at MD Molecular Diagnostics. The state-of-the-art laboratory uses reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests to check for different types of fungal infections. RT-PCR assays use genes specific to an organism to determine a diagnosis.


The testing available at MD Molecular Diagnostics has a fast turnaround time. It is highly accurate, providing clinicians with a definitive diagnosis right away, preventing delays in treatment and recovery and worsening symptoms. 

What are the benefits of fungal pathogen detection?

A fast and accurate diagnosis is the biggest benefit of fungal pathogen detection at MD Molecular Diagnostics. 


The clinical presentation of certain bacterial infections mimics that of a fungal infection. This may present a troubling scenario for clinicians that can lead to a wrong diagnosis and ineffective treatment. 


Plus, traditional culture techniques can take weeks to get results and fall short in terms of specificity, sensitivity, and time to diagnosis. Using molecular diagnostic testing for fungal pathogen detection helps clinicians overcome the many problems that occur from using traditional culture testing. 


Because RT-PCR uses organism-specific genes to diagnose infections, MD Molecular Diagnostics can determine the pathogen causing the infection, plus any other comorbid pathogens that fail to grow from a culture very quickly. 


The RT-PCR tests at MD Molecular Diagnostics are 98-100% accurate,3-5 times more sensitive, and 2-3 times faster than conventional culture techniques. 

How does fungal pathogen detection work?

MD Molecular Diagnostics performs fungal pathogen detection using nail clippings for nail fungal infections or wound swabs to identify the fungal pathogens causing health problems. MD Molecular Diagnostics provides clinicians with the materials needed for lab testing. 


Once the lab receives the sample, the technicians use innovative testing tools to get fast results. MD Molecular Diagnostics fungal pathogen detection panel tests for 20 pathogens and one antibiotic-resistance marker — mecA for Oxacillin resistance. 


Results from fungal pathogen detection are routinely available within 48 hours.


MD Molecular Diagnostics wants nothing more than to help you get your patients fast and effective treatment for infection. For an accurate fungal infection diagnosis, call MD Molecular Diagnostics.